​Treated issues

My aim is to help you alleviate your problem.  It is difficult to predefine a therapeutic strategy as each client is unique and therefore therapy is individually tailored and may differ from what is indicated below. To paraphrase the late, Milton Erickson, “There are as many therapies as there

are clients.”

Not all the issues which can be treated are listed below. It is purely a general list of therapies.

You can contact me concerning your issue or problem by e-mail on renata@therapystepbystep.com

We can then arrange an initial free consultation to see if hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis will suit your requirements.



As with effective pain management, it is imperative that there is an agreement with your consultant or other medical professional before seeking hypnotherapy.

When it comes to a battle in your mind between logic and  imagination, it is imagination that wins so it is essential that you are aware of the resources that you already have and the processes you need to help you.

I follow a very thorough nine-step hypnotherapy programme which aims to instil  a positive, forward-looking attitude, while also conferring the ability to tolerate any discomfort that arises from the illness itself or conventional medical treatment, including medication

There is no suggestion that this intervention will ‘cure’ any cancer or cause it to go into remission, though this is not impossible.  I have found that hypnosis is also very effective with palliative care.