Unwanted Habits and Behaviour

Unwanted habits and behaviours as diverse as nail biting through to anger can become ingrained and difficult to quit.  We tend to start biting our nails or form other habits whenever confronted with a stressful event or during an anxious moment.


Hypnotherapy (Suggestion) can help you break the habit and replace it with something better.

An alternative approach may be to apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, using changed thoughts and reversal of movement techniques.




​Treated issues

The conditions and symptoms I can help you with are many and varied, not all of which are listed above.
I can provide professional and confidential help with most mind related matters.
You can contact me concerning your issue or problem by e-mail on
We can then arrange an initial free consultation to see if hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis will suit your requirements.

NB. Some conditions may require medical consultation and/or referral from your GP before therapy is commenced.