Advanced Analytical Hypno-Psychotherapy.


Hypnoanalysis / psychotherapy is based on the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl G. Jung and has continued to develop through the decades. This mode of therapy has evolved from their work.  It uses advanced methods of working with hypnoanalysis and analytical psychotherapy and utilises some powerful therapeutic tools.​​

“In the psyche, everything is connected to everything else.”

The way we understand anything that happens to us is by referencing everything that has already happened to us. We develop a pattern of thoughts and behaviour which are particular to each of us. Everything we experience in life creates a 'personal template' in our subconscious mind.  Some of things we discover, (often in childhood), we interpret wrongly – but we are not aware of this, so our template develops errors in judgement and also in understanding. We may in certain cases, experience life a little askew.  What may seem ordinary to one person may trigger off an irrational fear in another; anger, a sense of clamming up or any myriad of reactions.

How we learn to respond during our formative years is how we may respond to everything for the rest of our life....unless we can change those initial template interpretations that we hold in our subconscious. 

That is why each presenting difficulty or issue we may have is particular to us and as such therapy is tailor made to each individual.

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