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​This is a place for anyone interested in learning more about Misophonia.

The word Misophonia, (meaning hatred of sound) whilst not exactly accurate, is a name given to the disorder by Paweł and Margaret Jastreboff

in 2001.


Misophonia is recognised as an acquired condition that can be activated by any of the five physical senses. It is a severe sensitivity, most commonly to specific sounds and/or visual triggers, that cause an immediate strong emotional reaction, (e.g. hate, anger, anxiety, rage and resentment) and involuntary physiological reflexes. Triggers may include the sounds of

people chewing, sniffing, slurping and lip-smacking, and visual triggers such as hair curling, toe tapping, gum chewing, to mention but a few. Living with Misophonia can be extremely difficult causing immense stress and sometimes leading to suffers isolating themselves from others. It can cause problems in relationships as the trauma caused by triggers can be difficult or embarrassing to explain to people who cannot understand or see what the issue is.

I provide a therapy known as Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT) which has been developed to help people with Misophonia relieve their symptoms. It includes elements of hypnotherapy and is a tested therapy framework based upon the best, evidence-based treatment of Misophonia. It is founded on neuroscientific theory that underpins our understanding of Misophonia and our experience of the condition. Sequent Repatterning is a form of neuropsychotherapy.


SRT involves 8 sessions, run weekly, which can be conducted in person or online using VSee (a free medical video conferencing application, similar to Skype but more secure).


I have a personal interest and empathy in helping anyone with Misophonia live a more comfortable and calmer life. Please contact me for more information on: renata@therapystepbystep.com or call +44 (0) 7818504780

For more information about SRT go to the page link below.

Sequent Repatterning Therapy