​Treated issues

The conditions and symptoms I can help you with are many and varied, not all of which are listed above.
I can provide professional and confidential help with most mind related matters.
You can contact me concerning your issue or problem by e-mail on
We can then arrange an initial free consultation to see if hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis will suit your requirements.

NB. Some conditions may require medical consultation and/or referral from your GP before therapy is commenced.​



Weight Management

A healthy eating regime  together with regular exercise is important for your health and should not be a temporary life style habit but a permanent one.

Diets, however work on the body, not on the mind. Invariably, as soon as a diet is stopped, weight starts to build up again.

Hypnotherapy can be used as a complimentary therapy to weight loss and weight maintenance, by helping a Client to control their cravings, although it should be emphasised that hypnotherapy cannot replace basic will power and the need to control calorie intake.