Sequent Repatterning Therapy

Treatment for Misophonia 

Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT) has been specifically developed as a therapeutic technique to alleviate Misophonia. Based on an understanding of neuroscience, SRT recognises the elements that leads people to be afflicted by Misophonia. This therapy was developed by Chris Pearson. 

The Therapy

Sequent Repatterning Therapy is a structured process and framework.

It is designed to be adaptable to the individual’s needs rather than a rigid protocol. Following an initial assessment, the therapy is usually applied over eight sessions, each about an hour and a half in length and taken weekly.


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The process starts by establishing a foundation on which the therapy is based. It is referred to as Sequent because it is linked to a series of continuous steps – Step-by-Step – each step benefiting from the earlier interactions between the therapist and client. Likewise, each session paves the way to the next step that follows.

It is referred to as Repatterning because existing patterns of behaviour are not removed, leaving a void, nor does the therapy try to create new patterns that would exist alongside old, unwanted patterns. This is because old networks that remain in the brain are sometimes reactivated through stress or trauma.


SRT works toward overwriting the Misophonia emotional learning. Through detailed and careful preparation, the deep and unconscious triggers to Misophonia stimuli are replaced. A powerful part of this transformational change is a process known as memory reconsolidation, a fundamental aspect of the brain’s neuroplasticity. In addition, there are elements of hypnotherapy and NLP. This is of course, a very personal process as everyone is different but from experience it a successful therapy for individual’s suffering from Misophonia.


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