​Treated issues

The conditions and symptoms I can help you with are many and varied, not all of which are listed above.

I can provide professional and confidential help with most mind related matters.

You can contact me concerning your issue or problem by e-mail on renata@therapystepbystep.com

We can then arrange an initial free consultation to see if hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis will suit your requirements.

NB. Some conditions may require medical consultation and/or referral from your GP before therapy is commenced.​



Smoking Cessation

There is no need to pontificate about the harm or cost of smoking, you almost certainly know this already.  Once you have decided that you want to stop smoking, then I can help you.  You must choose to change otherwise long term success is unlikely.

With most clients it is usually best to start with a positive approach based on identifying the benefits of change before engaging on a decisive course of suggestion therapy leading to change.

I use the award winning “Easy Quit Smoking” program, from Hypnosense, which can often be successfully applied in a single, two hour session.

It is a natural, hypnotherapy based method, which avoids the need for

any chemicals.